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​​​​The process

Wild West uses top-quality (up to 3500 psi), commercial pressure washing equipment and surface cleaners to successfully loosen and remove surface dirt, oil, gum, grime, stains and other types of buildup from nearly any type of hard surface. 
Hot water and steam are often enough to successfully power wash most surfaces but when necessary, areas may be prepped with cleaning detergents that break down or encapsulate and lift grime to the surface where it can be effectively removed.

Whether a one time power washing service or an affordable surface maintenance agreement, Wild West has the tools and equipment to get the job done right, each and every time.

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At Wild West Surface Systems, we understand the importance of making a great first impression. When your image matters, don't settle for less. We offer better processes for a cleaner clean! ​Experience the Wild West power washing difference today!

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Why Power Wash?

Dust, dirt and grime are all around us; and they often find a resting place on concrete, drive throughs, parking lots, roofs, walls, brick, pavers and other surfaces. Although these surfaces appear hard and resistant, they are actually quite porous, permeable and create a welcome mat for accumulated debris. 
As we go about our daily lives, vehicles, foot traffic, wind, rain and other elements do their part to help attach these particles to the surfaces around your business and home. Oil and other spilled liquids add to the problem as they mix with dirt and grime and are tracked onto your surfaces. This combination allows grimy particles to penetrate the surface, creating unsightly stains and over time; deterioration of the surface. 
The longer dirt and grime are allowed to set, the harder they are to remove.  Frequent cleaning is the best way to keep your business or home looking its very best.